Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kimora Lee Simmons Launching Skincare Line

I was running around most of the day taking care of some business, so I wasn't as tuned in as I normally am to all things Twitter. But, today Kimora Lee Simmons announced that she's holding a casting call for a new skincare line that she's launching! Twitter was abuzz and in her normal trendsetting fashion, no pun intended (well, maybe a lil bit), Kimora revealed that she's using social media and the internet to accept submissions for consideration.

Fabulosity at its finest! Kimora Lee Simmons, model, mogul, mom and all-around fab fashion icon needs YOU! The multi-faceted, style icon is launching a new skincare line and is looking for real women to star in a new fabulous ad campaign.

Kimora is looking for women over 18, with radiant skin and a healthy glow -- so if you want to show off your fabulosity, enter NOW! Applicants must be able to be in Los Angeles November 16-19.

Kimora tells us, "This new skincare line is very important to me. This is my newest venture with all the amazing women that have supported me throughout the years. They, like myself, come from a diverse background. This new line speaks to the evolution that is this new fabulous, chic woman. I'm looking for REAL women who can show off their fabulosity to make this launch the huge success I know it will be! Please be my next Ultimate Goddess!"


1) Follow @OfficialKimora on Twitter, then tweet: "@OfficialKimora Wants ME!"

2) Upload a photo or headshot of yourself in the comment box below.

3) Be sure to include the link to your tweet with your photo comment. (If you are with a modeling agency, please include which one.)
There are a few more rules and such, but this couldn't be any more groundbreaking in the world of fashion, or social media. First of all, it really levels the playing field for so many women who would never have been able to have a shot like this otherwise. And, can you say, "low overhead"? This woman's a genius! But then, most of us already knew that. Too bad a few fools in Missouri, New York, Los Angeles and the crack of satan's ass seem to have forgotten.

So, happy submitting girls! Send in only the best shots of yourselves! You've got plenty time to get just the right one, so have at it and good luck! --Sugar

Update: To learn more about the new line, Shinto Clinical, visit or visit Kimora's main website,


  1. So tierd of skin care lines that use models. These girls are not your average customers. How about taking a regular person a 40+ year old and making her pretty on TV. Using a mom or a working woman with not such perfect reflection. OH wait for that to work the product has to be amazing!!!

  2. I'm not sure if you saw the episode of Kimora's show where the girls showed up for the casting call, but these are just average girls. I think only one of them has actual modeling experience.

    This was a pretty unique way to get "the face" of a product and, if there's one thing we can all say about Kimora, it's that she's always trying new ways of doing things. So, you never know. Maybe she will do just what you've suggested one day. You never know. :)

  3. Wish I lived in much more opportunities..but I live in northern ireland!!AND THERE IS NOT THAT MANY OPPORTUNITIES!! and it's so nice that kimora is giving a "normal girl" the opportunity to become the face for her new skin care line!!