Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Class Action Lawsuit Against Baby Phat?

We are now more than two months past Kellwood Company's disgusting dismissal of Kimora Lee Simmons from Baby Phat/Phat Fashions and still they have not formally announced this fact to the customer base. So, not only are many still purchasing Baby Phat products under the assumption that Kimora is still there, but a new, even more troubling realization has stepped into view.

It is widely known that many young girls, and probably some guys, get tattoos of the Baby Phat cat logo, better known as "Max the Cat". They don't do this solely because they love Baby Phat products. Most of them do it because they love and support Kimora and what she stands for as a symbol of empowerment for women. I've seen countless numbers of her followers and supporters on Twitter expressing utter dismay about having one of these tattoos upon finding out that she is no longer with the company. A fact that Kellwood has failed to make known to the very loyal Kimora Lee Simmons fan base.

I don't know how many girls are still getting these tattoos, but they are still getting them. Just a few weeks ago, one of my own followers on Twitter, who knows how disgusted I am about this whole ordeal, sent me a picture of a car that had been painted pink and covered with "Max the Cat". She said it looked like it had recently been done. So, imagine how that woman is going to feel when she finds out?

Kellwood is grossly negligent here because while painting a car is one thing, permanently etching something onto one's body is quite another. I'm sure some greedy lawyer out there would jump at the chance to look further into this, because Kellwood absolutely knows not only that these girls are getting these tattoos, but also that the customer base would operate differently were it to be informed about the change in leadership.

What do you say, Kellwood? Should we take this to the next level?

Remember, don't buy ANY Baby Phat or Phat Fashions clothing items. They don't deserve any continued support. The really disgusting thing is, on a weekly basis, more people than I can even acurately recall have to be told that Kimora isn't with Baby Phat any longer and the reasons are grimey as hell. The reaction is always the same. F*ck Kellwood. A song for you below you fake bastards. No respect? No dollars. --Sugar

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