Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kimora Dishes With Angie Martinez at Hot 97

No need for all of my pontificating on this one. Kimora+Hot 97's Angie Martinez+live radio=FIRE!!! Now, watch it and tell me why you need to keep buying Baby Phat again? --Sugar


  1. you are a fucking whack job!!!! seriously you need to get a life and chill out. Stop taking things so seriously and realize that life is not about hating, its about living. Really, are you someone who is so obsessed about Kimora that you cant possibly see that she is a business woman and in business, things happen.

  2. lol I'm the "fucking whack job", but you took the time to come here to post this comment? Lemme guess. You work for Kellwood? Because if you don't, why do you care what I do here?

    Also, I don't think I've said ANYTHING here about someone "hating". This is not about "things" just happening. This is about a woman of color being pushed out of a company that she built, and being shown the utmost disrespect. This is about the buyers of those brands in that company being disrespected by the white men in suits who own that same company. This isn't about an obsession with Kimora. You're out of your mind.

    You won't bully me into not saying anything here. You won't. As a woman, I will stand with other women who are wronged from one hemisphere of this globe to the other. Kimora and her team were disrespected and I will KEEP ON SAYING IT, until this shitty company is done. You're mad that I keep informing people about what Kellwood did, but you can kiss my ass because I'm going to keep telling it. Now, wait on it.