Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kimora Lee Simmons: Baby Phat's Worst Enemy

When the news broke nearly 8 months ago that Kimora Lee Simmons and Baby Phat were parting ways, it is not an overstatement to say that all over the globe, people were shocked. Heck, some people still don't know, so the shock a thon continues. I was very disappointed in the way Kellwood Company, owners of Baby Phat (Phat Fashions) since 2004, handled the situation, but my how the tables have turned.

Before the split, I don't think I've ever seen Kimora receive so much love from the media in years. I mean, this woman is everywhere! She's so kind to take us along for the ride, always sending tweets to let us know what she's up to, and she seems happier than she's seemed in years.

I'm sure she and her team are working their asses off. That's probably an understatement. But, success only comes with a lot of hard work and she and her team are getting it done! She just launched her 6th fragrance (Luv Me), is getting ready to launch a skincare line (Shinto Clinical) and new children's line (Miyoki), is expanding her signature brands, KLS and Kouture by Kimora and generally appears to be asking, "Baby who?" as host after host after host shows her great respect and admiration as she goes on the media tour of all media tours. I LOVE it!

Take a look at just a few of the appearances from the past two weeks (below) and then head over to her still fairly new website to check out the rest, including a look inside one of those yummy Birkin bags she keeps on her arm. Even better things are over the horizon for Kimora. I know it. Kellwood Company screwed up. Kimora was Baby Phat. I think that they really thought that they were going to force her into obscurity. But, they can't possibly have ever had any interaction with her, and I don't know how that could be the case, because if there's one thing that any true KLSH supporter can attest to, it's that she doesn't do obscurity.

The more Kimora does these interviews and appearances, the more she chips away at Baby Phat's integrity. Pretty soon, the only place you'll be able to find it is at flea markets in Tijuana. I can hardly wait. Remember, do not buy any Baby Phat or Phat Farm clothing items. They didn't respect us enough to properly announce that Kimora was leaving, they don't deserve our dollars. Fugg em. Kimora's got more than enough ways for you to spend your money without giving Baby Phat a penny. --Sugar

On WPIX New York Talking About Luv Me

On Black Enterprise talking about Successes, Failures, Giving Back and Loving Her Tweeps

(Click the header for the Black Enterprise piece. I can't imagine why they wouldn't allow it to be embedded.)

Sending the Troops a Special Message

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