Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Phat's Website Goes POOF!

Every time I take my eyes off these idiots, something big happens.  I logged on here last night to take a quick look around when I noticed that there were a few comments awaiting moderation.  One of them blew me away!  It said that the Baby Phat website was gone. Poof!  Exists no more. Vanished into thin air.  Gone.  When I read the comment, I thought, "No way. What is this?" Then, I checked, and it's true! 

This is what you see now when you go to

Click to enlarge
"Check out our new digs."  Gosh, they have no respect for the intelligence of their customers.  Just none.  Who do they think they're fooling?  The "new digs"?  You're in the death throes, and if you think that your customers and those laughing at you from afar don't know that, you are sadly mistaken.

It seems they've worked out some kind of deal to have Macy's host their products solely on their site, but what does this mean? Has Macy's now become part owner?  I'm going to take some time to do some digging this weekend, but I think we can get our black dresses ready because this bitch is about to die. 

I told you fools that this would happen. I told you that you should have handled your thing with Kimora better than you did and we all know that you've been reading.  I have the records to show.  Maybe if you'd just apologized and given Kimora a proper send-off and not tried to treat customers like some damn dummies, even after the initial screw up, you might have been able to save yourselves this embarassment, but you didn't listen to me.  You wanted to convince yourselves that I was just some nut with a laptop.  Ohhhh, but I'm not and it seems that with each passing month, you are having to face that fact more and more, huh? Well, kiss my ass and get to typing up that press release and strategizing how you're going to announce that Baby Phat is no more.  How long now? About 6 to 9 months?

I'm glad that Kimora has moved on and that she's doing even bigger and better things because Kellwood Company is a brand killer.  You guys suck and you get exactly what you deserve. --Sugar

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